Frequently Asked Questions | DMWL

Q. How do I calculate and decide the number of days I need to engage your person and do the booking to complete my job?

Email us your project details and we will help you choose a suitable package matching your requirements.

Q. What if my work is not completed in the number of days I book the seat ?

If the work is not completed within the number of days we recommended for you, no additional charges will be payable by you for the extra time taken to complete the job by us, provided that your initial requirements are not changed. However if the extra time is required due to change in your initial requirements, you will have to make new booking as per your changed requirements.

Q. Can I ask for a top up of extra few hours if needed?

No, you will have to do additional booking.

Q. Can I add or modify my job requirements of the booking?

Yes you can, but be forewarned it can escalate time frame and cost.

Q. Can the leftover hours or days be adjusted or carried forward in my next booking?

No, you will need to make a fresh booking as our longer duration packages are already highly subsidized in your favour.

Q. Can I personally visit your office to monitor my work?

Currently no. However you can login to your account in our web portal or mobile app and monitor all the screen activities live.

Q. What is your refund policy?

Please follow our terms and condition page. Here is the link

Q. Can I extend my existing ( package) booking?

No but you can make additional booking as needed and you can carry forward your work subject to availability.

Q. Can I cancel my booking mid way?

You can but refund will be made subject to nominal cancellation charges for the cancelled period.

Q. I have not received verification email what do I do?

Check spam folder of your mailbox also and if it's not there as well then contact support.

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